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Poem! I need to get my ass in a creative writing class again soon, Christ on a cracker. Also, back on that chapbook thing. No one will ever let me put their stuff in my pipedream like-a-zine-but-not-as-cool if I have no experience stapling things.

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Dear SPN people who haven't defriended me or filtered out this journal,

Hi! I miss you! I'm really fucking sad I'm not at winchestercon right now. This is weird, because I fully expected to be, you know, disappointed in an abstract kind of way, but not actively sad. I don't know. I hope, if you're there, you're having a fantastic time, etc., and let me tell you, though you probably don't care at all, if I could be there? I so completely would. It's just--I need my job, and I'm not allowed any time off until two weeks from now. Seriously, I can't even call in sick. SUCKS. Anyway, don't burn the hotel down.

BJ (who dreamed last night about leading an ethics panel at an RPF con. Do not want, subconscious!)

1. I voted! It's not my fault if democracy fails!

2. My free will horoscope this week says I should figure out my "prime question." The one thing I want to ask everyone I meet.

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3. I'm going to re-rename this journal. Because I've felt disconnected from it since I got this name (like two years ago, ha). Just give me a minute or six months to think of something.

4. For those who care, an audio-only Youtube of the new FOB song: "What A Catch, Donnie." From the mid-point on, it's kind of like if "Hey Jude" and "We Are The World" had a baby. Or something. I like it!

5. Lastly, oh Supernatural. A black and white episode? You're adorable.


lost out here on this highway.

Haha, I guess last week was the wrong week to be all "meh" that I didn't Tivo Supernatural? Awesome.

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That's all! Same bat time, same bat channel! Well, not really. They moved the local channels around again in September, so SPN isn't on the same channels anymore, so I had to update my Season Pass, which I didn't do until yesterday, which is why I didn't get last week on the Tivo. Keeping up with TV is hard, yo. I didn't realize it until I got into a fandom where the canon is downloadable and Googleable and on Buzznet and can actually be text messaged to you for free (\o/).

RPF: The refuge of a lazy fan.

In other news--Matthew Good live DVD on November 4, what??? New album next spring, what??? Very excited!

Also, I signed up for Twitter. I haven't actually used it yet, but whatever. I'm azurejay over there, 'cause it's shorter and people on that flist seem more into this crap than you guys (you're my rational, adult flist. I love you).

So over on the other flist, nafs recently purchased and reviewed the ten-year anniversary edition of Sports Night on DVD. Completely by coincidence, I had popped in disc one of the original edition that same day. Which, of course, has prompted a spontaneous re-viewing of the whole bloody thing.

I'm about halfway through "Rebecca," and I just. This show, guys. Seriously, this show. "Mary Pat Shelby" through "Thespis" is the best nearly-two hours of television I've watched since--probably the last time I watched "Draft Day," to be honest. And Dan and Casey's back and forth regarding Sally in "Smoky," okay. My god, the animal tension. The timing. SATAN'S HANDMAIDEN.

In any case.

I guess I just wanted to share the love all over again. What an amazing thing it is, that Sports Night.

DAN: Can I interest either of you in the sport of kings?
DANA: We're going to race horses?
DAN: No, we're going to play poker.
DANA: Poker's not the sport of kings.
DAN: What's the sport of kings?
DANA: Racing horses.
DAN: Well then what's poker the sport of?
DANA: It's the sport of people who play poker.
DAN: Thank you.

--"Shoe Money Tonight"

they just love the hotel suites now.

Hey there. It's been a month! Again! But SPN is back and I have a Renewed Resolve to Reconnect with this journal. Because I'm pretty sure Dean can't sue me for writing stories about how he was actually born a girl. Or something.

Mostly these are location things, but also some speculation, with a couple of complaints sprinkled throughout. Or a few. Whatever. HI SHOW, I MISSED YOU. I like complaining about you best!

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I'm actually not minding Ruby, or the Ruby/Samness thus far, other than the casting irritations. I just--for some reason, I can academically handwave away a lot of sexism, but not so much the religious shit. Mostly because I thought they were smarter than that. Sexism takes a lot of thought and smarts to work through (obviously), whereas religion really doesn't. I don't know.

Seriously, seriously. Show, it's much more fun to complain about you than Pete Wentz. Because you can't actually procreate!

See you next week?

This is like two weeks old.

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i zee so hard they call me mr. goodbye.

I had a really brilliant time at the very first Slick party last night.

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In other news, we discovered that I have some cysts on my cervix, so I gotta hie me to a pelvic exam as soon as I'm off the rag (the cysts are not painful--I don't think. I do have pelvic pain now and again, but I always figured that was 'cause of my GI stuff and the PCOS; yay TMI). Any recommendations for clinics that do PEs? I'll drive/transit anywhere I'm guaranteed won't give me a disgusted look when I ask for one.

(I can't remember the name of the OBGYN who did my revision two years ago, or I'd call her. Dammit.)

Anyway. Did you hear:

-it's my birthday this Saturday (next Saturday?);
-SPN s3 DVDs on Tuesday! Eee!;
-FOB mixtape, FOB mixtape, FOB mixtape. I kind of like "Lake Effect Kid," and I sort of wish my current music (title is the definition of tl;dr) was actually a FOB song, but whatevs (so! Catchy! Omg Patrick Stump!). The best part of "ALPHAdog and OMEGAlomaniac" is the title, sadly;
-my site is down, wtf?


we shook it it didn't blow up in our face.

Re: bandom person I was complaining about the other day.

SHE DID IT AGAIN (what obvious songwriting problems? Oh! The ones in your head. And Pete is always nostalgic, hi. Jesus fuck).

That's it. I either have to filter her out or defriend her or get into it with her. Let's see! Which option involves the fewest clicks!


PS: The worst part is that, on some level, I'm like--what if she's right. About the end result, anyway, if not the specific interpersonal things (which she is just wronger than wrong about--Pete is not that good an actor, okay. If he and Patrick were having Issues, Patrick would not have been on his TV show, etc.).

PPS: Why yes. This post is pretty much indicative of what I've been doing with myself for the last year, fandom-wise. You didn't really miss me that much, did you?

to stay away from me.

I'm really not fit for human consumption right now. Thanks, people who have left good wishes for my dad/expressions of sympathy, etc. It is appreciated.

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In other news: I think I was supposed to be a hermit. I am so, so bad with people. It boggles the mind.

And now! My dad gets a pacemaker! Because his heart keeps slowing down while he's asleep! Fun and games!

I think he's lucky, 'cause now he doesn't have to go through metal detectors anymore. Those things freak me out.

In other news, I opened an RRSP/mutual funds account today, and we are leaving to see The Dark Knight (FINALLY) in two minutes.