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i'm sicking of always writing songs for you to slit your wrists to.

A month later, for sarken: "I Don't Care (Suave Suarez Remix)," and "America's Suitehearts" (such a good song).

In other news, oh my god. I reorganized all my HTML files, 'cause new website, having to recode shit, etc., and I realized that I. Don't. Have. A bunch of my Sports Night stuff in HTML. Like, I know it got upped to the old site, but I don't have the files on my computer, and the old site is gone poof!. And I'm talking, like, all my drabbles. Oh my god.

I should be able to get the drabbles from sn100 directly, and the regular fic from this journal, but seriously. If not, I will be such an emo bear, you have no idea.

eta: And my paid account expired! Because I forgot to renew! Awesome!

Whatever, I'm going to bed. *throws hands up*

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