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and even though it all went wrong.

Of the things I needed to do today (write, transcribe some bandom media stuff, and buy a new dresser), I accomplished exactly none.

However, I did go pick up my paystub and fill out an overtime slip for yesterday morning, and I did go grocery shopping, and I did go to Starbucks and have a delicious apple drink thing, and I did do all of this with the bf, who is awesome. I did come home and have pizza and then go to a community meeting regarding the closing of the only actual grocery store in my neighbourhood (the only other option for the mobility-challenged/transit-dependent being the foodstuffs aisle at Walmart; grr argh grr BJ smash corporate capitalism), and I did come home again and eat some ice cream and watch Snatch for the fifty millionth time, again, all of this with my awesome bf.

So, all in all, not a completely wasted day.

We Tivoed SPN. Hopefully it took, 'cause last week the local broadcast was utterly garbled. Unfortunately, since I didn't try to watch it until Sunday, I missed recording the re-air on Space on Friday or Saturday or whenever it is. Fucknuts.

Anyway. I hope your day was as unexpectedly (or expectedly) productive as mine (or satisfying, at least).


PS: In two days, I will be able to transfer my domain to, and I can has a website again! Yay!
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