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it's just like deja vu me standing here with you.

Regarding Dexter 1.07, "Circle Of Friends." WHAT? WHAT? They killed off the baby serial killer! That is so mean! He was a psychologically traumatized hustler, guys! He was a baby serial killer who hustled in a park and had animal chemistry with Michael C. Hall, of all people! You can't kill him off! Except they totally did.

I carried such a torch. /kaywinnitleefrye

Also, the last scene was completely fucking fantastic. He thinks he's not capable of feeling? What was on his face, then? Disappointment, resignation, confusion, hope? Adorable. And hilarious. I really like this show!

Events of local interest:

1. T-Bodies Productions presents Trans Continuum, a dance party. November 27, at Lick.

2. The (ir)Reverend Fred Phelps is coming to Vancouver! I know, right! A production of The Laramie Project is playing on The Drive, and Mr. Phelps apparently has nothing better to do than fly up here and picket. It's going to go over like a lead zeppelin, guys. Counter protest: Anti-Hate Rally on November 28, organized by the play's production company.

3. Barring unforeseen babies, Fall Out Boy are playing in Seattle on December 4 (with Boys Like Girls and The Academy Is ellipsis). estrellada and I are driving down on Thursday afternoon and returning Friday afternoon. Car buddies? Concert buddies? Anybody want merch purchased? Photos taken? Concert calls? I cannot speak for Tillie, but I personally draw the line at licking Certain Celebrities.

I think that's all. Yep. Angst-free this week! Huzzah and good--

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