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all the crickets that would convince me to call it a night.

Oh wow, I'm sorry about that nonsense last night. I don't delete entries, but if I did, it would so be the first in line.

1. About half a hour after I posted, while I was reading myself to sleep (Fight Club, incidentally), I belatedly remembered all the times it has been proven to me that I'm wanted, and all the times I've felt wanted, and yeah. This is your brain on a lifetime of pessimism and blackhole lack of self-whatever.

2. Dude, the only potentiality of that post is making the people who care about you feel either pissed off or shitty, both of which are very bad things. Because they are awesome people and so fucking worth it, worth the interpesonal and just plain personal work, every day, all the time, and you? Are an asshole.

Which is not to say that I will never be emo again (haha), but hopefully this dose of perspective will last for a while.

*grumbly faces*

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