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it'll soon be here better than before.

Hey! I stayed home from Parade of Lost Souls to watch Dexter (s1 is showing "uncut haha" on Bravo, so I decided to give it a try, and I am so glad I did*) and Guy Ripley on the set of "I Don't Care." I also stayed home to ensure good weather for everyone attending. Worth it!

(Kind of. Whatever, I'm ridiculous and couldn't find exactly the right skeleton gloves for my costume, or exactly the right top hat. Stuff.)

I'm still thinking about the new username. Stayed tuned, or don't. Doing a massive-for-me flist cut as well. I'm going to cut loose all of the comms, and a bunch of people who friended me four years ago probably hoping I would post explicit scene reports or something, idk. I want to get the flist under control so I can get caught back up with everyone I actually know and care about. Awesome!

eta: Really? Really? Look at how many of you haven't defriended me. I'm shocked. I mean--filters, of course. But seriously? Two people? This is just--weird. Anyway.

SPN: I loved "Monster Movie," blahblah horror movies and gender cakes. I also really liked "Yellow Fever," except for Jensen being absolutely horribly over the top two-thirds of the time (maybe he only did it so Jared would look professional by comparison?). But then he was absolutely brilliantly over the top in the credits (it's the THRILL of the FIGHT! estrellada!), and Jared was laughing, so that's okay.

Further to SPN, plus some srs bidnis: I am writing a fic (really, finishing a fic that I started two years ago, whatever), and I'm very worried about revivifying the icky Fetishizations ov teh Black Menz wank (not that anyone pays attention to my SPN fic, but still. The one time you don't want people to notice you've posted something, right). I don't know. Maybe when I'm actually finished the story, I will ask for opinions. Or I'll just post it. Because it's one sentence, really. And it's Dean. Dean has not had his consciousness raised. Dean thinks stupid things. I'm just talking to myself now, sorry.

I'm gonna go work on that thing, okay.


*Um. Fic? Preferably very, very of the homogay sex type. Possibly featuring our esteemed anti-hero and the barely-legal manslaughterer from 1.03? I. I don't know. Sometimes I get like this. It's bad. At least I don't kill people for fun? And at least it's not pianists this time? Shrug.
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